Hotel Garni Eden scenery

Staying at the Hotel Garni Eden in Meersburg you will enjoy the romantic atmosphere of a resort rich in history and culture, which will amaze you with the beauty of its monuments and the magnificence of its scenery.

The old and the new castle of Meersburg located near our hotel will enchant you and make your holiday unforgettable. The thermal baths, which are only 300 m. from our hotel, will offer you precious moments of relaxation while you prepare to visit the splendid resorts of Constance, Friedrichshafen and Mainau.



The charming town of Meersburg is located in the midst of vineyards and orchards, which descend to the lake surrounded by splendid landscapes, and enchants at first sight. The Baroque architecture in the centre of this important tourist resort and the old and the half-timbered buildings (Fachwerk) give the idea of a place abounding in history.

Thousands of visitors throng the narrow streets and marvellous squares in the summer and remain enthralled by the beauty of the views from the terrace of the new castle as well as from the old medieval fortress, from where all the poetry of Lake Constance and its environs can be glimpsed.

Meersburg is a small town but its cultural background is great. It has many museums offering the opportunity to discover aspects of various periods such as the Middle Ages and the Baroque and to enjoy seeing interesting works of art, while they cater to your spare time entertainment with a top level cultural programme that includes prestige exhibitions and musical events.

Let yourself unwind and enjoy a highly pleasurable holiday close to a lively town that not only loves culture but also the pleasures of good food and nightlife; a holiday offering fantastic trips to be taken on foot or by bicycle.




Konstanz and the Lake

Lake Constance
Located on the border between Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Lake Constance is a particularly fascinating place enjoying a mild climate and surrounded by splendid nature, which is reflected in its limpid waters. It is Europe's third largest lake and offers the possibility of spending an enjoyable holiday discovering magnificent places dotted along its shores, made easy by the excellent ferry connections.

Located on the lake of the same name, Constance is an elegant town with an important past. It is the ideal place for relaxing while enjoying the splendid scenery consisting of green fields, lush forests and endless vineyards. The view from the surrounding hills is enchanting.

You will spend unforgettable moments on the waters of its lake at the modern and fully equipped bathing facilities; thermal baths, swimming pools and solarium will make your holiday a true pleasure. Neither will water sports enthusiasts be disappointed: Constance is a real paradise for sailing and water skiing and also boasts a modern Sea Life Centre.

The town centre is of further interest for lovers of history. The Niederburg district in the heart of the town is distinguished by its medieval architecture and narrow winding alleys. The imposing Munster cathedral, the old churches and the medieval bridge over the Rhine are highly picturesque and worth a visit.

Islands of Mainau and Reichenau

Mainau Island

Very near Constance and easy to reach by ferry, the splendid Island of Mainau is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Lake Constance. Here the profusion of roses, narcissi, orchids and tulips is truly extraordinary; the floral compositions of the gardens will remain impressed on your mind for a long time, which is why it has been called the "floating garden". The village of the gnomes, the irresistible wooden train and many water play areas welcome families and children for an amusing, enjoyable day in a tropical atmosphere.


Reichenau, the largest of the three islands on the Lake has some priceless artefacts of the medieval period to be seen: many churches and the famous Benedictine monastery have made this a Unesco world cultural heritage site. Let yourself become engrossed in this place famed for its book art and school of painting once renowned throughout Europe.


Friedrichshafen and Unteruhldingen


The area surrounding Lake Constance can be a constant source of interest: if you visit the town of Friedrichshafen, known for being the birthplace of the inventor of the airship, Ferdinand von Zeppelin to whom the museum bearing the same name is dedicated, you can go up in a real airship! If you wish to learn even more, pay a visit to the Dornier Museum dedicated to flying and to one of its pioneers: Claude Dornier.


The Museum of Lake or Pile Dwellings in Unteruhldingen is an astonishing archaeological park dedicated to the Neolithic age, where about twenty huts have been reconstructed in 1:1 scale allowing you to relive the atmosphere of 4000 years ago. One of the largest archeological open-air museums in Europe. Replicas and original finds of excavations are making a fascinating submerged wolrd visible again.

Bregenz St. Gallen


If you want to go a little further afield, go to Bregenz where the summer opera festival, the Bregenzer Festspiele, is a must. A different opera is performed every year on a floating stage and the standard is very high to compete with the thrilling natural scenery. Foto-Copyright: Bregenzer Festspiele / Karl Forster


St. Gallen

Lastly, if you want to go to a special place of worldwide renown, take a trip of about one hundred kilometres into Switzerland. St. Gallen has a beautiful historic centre where the famous cathedral and the old convent with its legendary library are to be found.

Foto-Copyright: Stiftsbibliothek / St. Gallen


Culture & Events

Classic Music

International concerts in the Castle of Meersburg

Promoted by the pianist Günther Weinert, these have been held every year since 1964 in the Mirror Roomand attract not only tourists but true music lovers from all over Europe. The particular atmosphere and splendid view over the lake that can be enjoyed from the charming Mirror Room convinces many well-known musicians to take part in this important event in the town of Meersburg.

Youth Music

Since 1953 the "Knabenmusik Meersburg" teaches young people the technique of playing wind instruments. The tradition is that the very young pupils may attend the school and perform up to their eighteenth birthday. Every year various European festivals confer awards on the musicians coming from this prestige school, who perform in Meersburg under the conductor Szabolcs Galanthay.

The Meersburg Stadtkapelle

This is the oldest orchestra of the town of Meersburg - established back in 1804! - and today consists of 50 musicians who can delight you with their musical accompaniment of religious festivals and Christmas concerts. During the summer you will have the pleasure of appreciating their technical and instrumental talents along the paths of the fortress in the Lower Town.

Meersburg an artistic town

Castle of Meersburg

The New Castle of Meersburg not only houses permanent exhibitions of local artists, but it also organises at least four different exhibitions every season. Over the last few years these have been concentrated into the spring and autumn periods, enjoying huge success because of the quality of the works on display, as testified to by the numbers of visitors.

Droste Museum

Dedicated to the poetess Annette von Droste, it houses paintings, manuscripts and objects that belonged to one of the most representative celebrities of European culture. Surrounded by vineyards and with a splendid view over Lake Constance, this princely dwelling is furnished with Biedermeier furniture and was once the residence of the Bishops of Constance.

The Meersburg Fortress

This is the symbol of the town of Meersburg and one of the main attractions of Lake Constance. Visiting its museum and standing in the knights' hall or the armour room and then walking along the walls, you will feel as if you have been transported into the Middle Ages! Dating back to the twelfth century, the fortress is well worth exploring during a stay in Meersburg. The rooms where the poetess Annette von Droste worked and died are also to be found in the fortress.

The New Castle

This eighteenth-century building is in Baroque style and was originally the residence of the Bishops of Constance. It features a beautiful internal staircase designed by the genius Balthasar Neumann, frescoes by Appiani and stucco decorations by Carlo Pozzi. The castletoday is the venue for exhibitions, concerts and important conferences and remains one of the hubs of Meersburg cultural life.

Zeppelin Museum

You do not have to be an aeronautic fanatic to be curious about one of the largest existing collections in the world dedicated to airships. The museum has many original objects on display such as uniforms, flight instruments and video films; inside you can follow the stages of the tragedy of the famous airship Hindenburg. If you wish to learn even more, pay a visit to the Dornier Museum dedicated to flying and to one of its pioneers: Claude Dornier.